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Our First Three Bars will be Available in Retail Soon!

Unique Tastes from an Award Winning Chef


Chocolate Almond Goji Cherry

Chocolate Raisin Tahini

Yogurt Berries

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Early Customers LOVE Cynergy™!

Our Cynergy™ Chocolate Almond Goji Cherry Energy Bar is 2021 sofi™ Award New Product Winner!

Our Cynergy™ Chocolate Almond Goji Cherry Energy Bar is 2021 sofi™ Award New Product Winner in the wellness bars and gels category!

Who Is Cynergy™ Foods?

Cynergy™ Foods Has the Right Team to Create the Best Energy Bar

As a James Beard awarded chef, entrepreneur of multiple businesses, rock climber, lover of nature, and community, Cynergy™ is what binds it. For an El Capitan climb with friends, I created a bar to stoke our morale, give big flavor, big nutrition, and boost performance. This bar is dedicated to all of you, adventuring at work, in the mountains, or anywhere you experience Cynergy™. 

Chef Maria Hines

Luke has embraced leadership as a U.S. Army officer and Innovation as a leader of high tech Silicon Valley companies. As one searching for the best energy bar, he is now using his operational excellence to bringing these revolutionary food products to market.

Luke Marusiak, Taste of Sno-Valley CEO

David is a Silicon Valley Engineer, avid skier and kart racer. Constantly searching for the best combination of flavor and energy boosting performance when at the resort, back-country, or the track; he is bringing his technical expertise to bring these ground breaking foods to market.

David Marusiak, Taste of Sno-Valley CTO

Diana is a nationally certified Fitness Instructor/Trainer and passionately teaches at multiple locations. To stay charged for all her workouts, she has searched for the best workout supplement and is using her network to market these foods, get them to the masses, and help everyone achieve their fitness goals!

Diana Marusiak, Taste of Sno Valley Marketing Director

Anton is a Silicon Valley sales professional, former collegiate athlete, and car enthusiast.  After a boxing workout or a day on the slopes, he likes to fortify his mind and body with a great-tasting, high-protein meal bar.  He is utilizing his background in sales and operations to help make Cynergy™ Foods a staple in stores everywhere. 

Anton Abiog, Taste of Sno-Valley Director of Sales

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